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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Resolutions

Another guest post for Jason, sorta:

Happy New Year, Delaware! Tomorrow will be the first day of a new year I will spend in the First State advocating for the man I believe should be our first black president in 2008.

Five things I love about 2006:

  1. We won congress!

  2. I've finally begun to find my niche on the blogosphere.

  3. Beau Biden passes his first test as Attorney General by hiring some amazingly well qualified people to bridge the gap in his experience.

  4. NASA finally got some ISS infrastructure installed.

  5. We also won a majority of the governorships and state legislatures.

I realize that's a bit heavy on stuff that happened in November and December, but honestly, these have been two awesome months. Now, five resolutions that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should make:

  1. Raise the minimum wage.

  2. Invest heavily in alternative energy sources, especially renewable energy.

  3. Hold the Bush administration accountable for its crimes.

  4. Balance the budget.

  5. Make health care more affordable.

Finally, here are five predictions for the new year:

  1. Joe Biden will never poll better than 5% outside of Delaware for the Democratic presidential nomination. Sorry Joe!

  2. Obama will declare that he is running for president next week.

  3. The Bush administration will come up with several new ways to misrepresent the mess in Iraq, which not have improved by the end of the year (there will still be American troops there).

  4. A Democrat will be elected Governor of Kentucky.

  5. John Atkins will enter rehab and probably get divorced.

Don't drink too much tonight!


  • As far as Obama for president, the meda needs to get its act together. More at this link on raw story. This is CNNs gaffe BTW.
    I do tend to think there is bias at work here.

    By Blogger Sanjay, at 12:45 PM  

  • CNN, and Time-Warner in general, have been nudging their commentary to the right for a number of years now. Wolf Blitzer in particular. Republicans mean more wars - more wars mean better CNN ratings. It's just the bottom line driving the coverage, unlike Fox, where there are direct personal and political connections to the GOP coming into play.

    By Blogger X Stryker, at 12:51 PM  

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