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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Long, Sweet Road to 2008

UPDATE: USA Today (hat tip Taegan Goddard says Obama will make a coy appearance on ESPN's Monday Night Football tonight in support of the Chicago Bears.

UPDATE 2: Here's the video of Obama's MNF appearance:

Obama's New Hampshire appearance made the front page of Yahoo News today, and it touched off articles all over the media.

No mention from the NewsJournal yet, but the good news about the Junior Senator from Illinois will make its way here soon enough. Incidentally, having Obama on the ballot could really help turnout amongst New Castle County's democratic base, which could give our party a nice boost in the Governor's race.

Check out this video someone posted on YouTube. It's a collage of images of Obama set to music, and sometimes the quality is not-so-good, but I really enjoyed it.

Addendum: Thanks to Jason for linking here. His blog is my favorite Delaware politics blog, hands down (no disrespect intended to Dana and Tom, titans of the DE left-blogosphere that they are).


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