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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Crashing the Gate

Here's the post that I wrote for delawareliberal, but currently lack the ability to publish. Hopefully Jason can check his email while on vacation.

Howdy folks, I'm X Stryker, and I'll be your host during Jason's vacation week. I'm an Obama fan, and a frequent commenter on Swing State Project. I'm not one to shy away from controversy, so I'll get straight to business:

Dana's exposing more double dipping from Democratic state legislators, and provides an outlet in the comments section for GOP renegades like Mike Protack and Tyler Nixon to vent. We definitely need ethics reform in the state legislature, but where will it come from? As Cracker said, "if you wanna change the world, shut your mouth and start to spin it." So, here is my challenge to the readership:

  1. Name progressive Democratic state legislators that we can try to engage to bring more accountability and progressive action to our caucus. John Kowalko comes to mind.

  2. Pick the establishment Democratic state legislator that you think is the most odious, and would make the best target for a primary challenge. You can only pick !!ONE!!, so don't give me a laundry list of everyone you don't like, unless you want me to make fun of your inability to follow directions. Keep in mind, the ideal candidate is someone that we can replace with a progressive or populist DEMOCRAT, not a seat where any challenge essentially would amount to handing the seat to a socially conservative Republican.

The idea is to turn our frustration into action. Number one is about mobilizing the Good Guys, and giving them the support and encouragement to be a force for change. Number two is all about focus - the establishment is very strong. You can't fight on every front at once and expect to win. They've got the power, the money, and the media - all we have is moral high ground, enthusiasm, and the efficiency of the blogosphere.

By the way - Drinking Liberally comes to Klondike Kates's in Newark tonight at 8:00. I'll be there, although I am a bit shy in person. Good times will probably be had, so come on down, knock back a few, and chat with other local liberals. They're having a coat drive for Operation Warm to provide coats to disadvantaged children, so if you can bring a new (preferred) or used coat that would be very cool.


  • I have to get up to speed with DE politics. Gad you enjoyed drinking liberally, will be there for the next one.

    By Blogger Sanjay, at 9:22 AM  

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