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Monday, January 03, 2005

So much for morality!

Yahoo! News - House GOP to Discuss Ethics Rule Changes

Can we please, please stop pretending the GOP has any claim whatsoever to any kind of moral high ground? They will gladly slaughter for oil and invent pretexts to do so, allow their corporate donors to bribe votes and steal from America, and fix the rules of congress to prevent any rebuke for their wrongdoing. It disgusts me to see these men and women trumpet about religion and try to Christianize the law and government, yet discard their supposed principals when it comes to the simple commandments against killing (Iraq) and stealing. We don't need the ten commandments in the courthouse, we need them in the hearts and minds of our elected representatives. Let me take this moment to get local - Rep. Peter King (R-NY), you NEED to speak out against this travesty and/or abandon this grand old pack of hypocrites. Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE), I'll be looking your way in about a month or so when I move.


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