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Monday, November 08, 2004

Aiding the Enemy

Yahoo! News - Terror Financing Fines Fall After 9/11

I can't believe anyone is stupid enough to believe the Bush Administration even cares about fighting terrorism. It wasn't a priority when he took office, and it isn't a priority now. All you morons who voted for Bush have essentially handed New York City and Washington DC another tragedy, while residents of those cities overwhelmingly voted against the man who failed them on 9/11. Florida apparently voted for four more years of goat stories. Let me be clear - Bush is a fuck-up who has pretty much given up trying to find Osama Bin Laden. George W. Bush was re-elected because a bunch of small town idiots who will never be threatened by terrorism decided that gay marriage is a really big deal. Our big liberal cities are going to get attacked by terrorists again and small-town red state America is to blame. On behalf of all my liberal friends in terror-target Blue land, let me send a big "FUCK YOU!" to the Red Menace.


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