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Monday, June 14, 2004

One Nation (pause) Indivisible

Yahoo! News - Supreme Court Preserves 'God' in Pledge: "Congress adopted the pledge as a secular, patriotic tribute in 1942, at the height of World War II. Congress added the phrase 'under God' more than a decade later, in 1954, when the world had moved from hot war to cold. "

I pledge allegiance... to the flag... of the United States of America... and to the republic... for which it stands; one nation... indivisible... with liberty and justice for all.

Was that so hard? Will removing two words that congress added as an afterthought during the height of 1950's Cold War paranoia suddenly rob us of all our sacred traditions? Will the foundations of Western Society crumble? Will children suddenly stop going to Sunday school? Will parents become unable to teach their own children about God? Is it so difficult to understand the fact that the children of atheists may be ostracized in class if they don't say the same thing all the other kids do?

The answer, in all cases, is no. In some cases, a little more respect for religious freedoms costs us so little. If you've never been the only Jew in a classroom full of children singing about Santa Claus, maybe you won't understand.

It's been fifty years since all schoolchildren were forced by congress to pledge to a nation "under god". It's also been fifty years since the Supreme Court ruled, in Brown v. the Board of Ed., that forcing children to attend different schools based on their ethnicity/color was unconstitutional. Respecting people who are different than you is one of our nation's sacred traditions, too.


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