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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Evaporation of American Influence

Yahoo! News - Berger Writes Essay for Democrat President: "'The administration's high-handed style and its gratuitous unilateralism have embittered even those most likely to embrace American values and invited opposition even from those with most to gain from American successes,' Berger writes.
'Although the United States has never enjoyed greater power than it does today, it has rarely possessed so little influence. We can compel, but far too often we cannot persuade.' "

Well said, Mr. Berger, well said. This is what I've been saying about the administration's foreign policy all along; "With us or against us" has badly damaged America's reputation and our ability to be an effective world leader. We are losing billions of dollars in increased costs and lost revenues due to alienating the rest of the world, not to mention the gravely higher human cost of the Iraq War. Why is the Iraq War far more deadly than the war in Afghanistan? Because we have completely energized opponents of the war and of American hegemony; we are rapidly losing the support of the same Iraqis we liberated.


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