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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Trickling Our Money Away
Yahoo! News - Cheney Presses Congress to Keep Tax Cuts: "'And now we have seen the results of the hard work of the American people and the sound policies of the administration - Americans took those (refunded tax) dollars and put them to work,' [Cheney] said, suggesting the money was put to far better use by the individuals than would have been done by the government. "

You know, maybe Cheney has a point here... I think most of America is capable of spending money more wisely than the Bush Administration. This is largely because most of America is well aware of the obvious inefficiency of trickle down economics. If you institute tax cuts mainly aimed at the rich, most of the benefit will go to the rich. Business tax cuts to spur economic growth are all well and fine, but they should be tied to the creation of American jobs, not offshoring. The best approach to economic stimulation is to address the problem from multiple angles - to actually create jobs to spur demand as well as supply-side initiatives like business tax cuts.

This is the chief failing of the whole Club For Growth philosophy; they would rather let a recession drag out than see any tax money spent to actually put people to work. You can't give someone back two years of their life that were spend unemployed or underemployed by showing them GE's balance sheet and insisting "things are looking up".


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