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Friday, February 20, 2004

Gay Marriage - Inevitable
At the present time, gay marriage is opposed by a majority of Americans. At one time, however, the majority opposed the abolition of slavery. Once people get a little more used to civil unions, they'll start to open up to gay marriage also. The government has no right or reason to forbid citizens to marry anyone, with the exception of incest. Incest threatens the public health, while gay marriage does not. I have yet to hear even one single compelling argument that gay marriage has any effect whatsoever on public health. People made the same stupid arguments about interracial marriage, and they were wrong, and they lost.

I should point out that I think it's perfectly fine for the Catholic Church and any other religious body to prohibit gay marriage. Any faith has the freedom to do that if it chooses. However, marriage still exists as an institution outside religion; it is recognized by the state and can be administered by a justice of the peace. The separation of church and state is vital to our constitutional rights. Denying gays the legal and financial protections of marriage is denying their civil rights, just as denying them the right to vote would violate their civil rights. In fact, a prohibition on gay marriage would deny the religious freedoms of those faiths that do recognize gay marriage (some unitarian and pagan faiths for example).

I feel the committment of two people to a lifelong union of love and faithfulness is good for society regardless of their gender. Gay marriage will be legalized within the next few decades, and it will come to be accepted by society as well. I am absolutely certain of it.


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