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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Bush on Homeland Security - Cut Police
Yahoo! News - Bush Budget Would Trim Community Policing

Yeah, that's right. The next step in the War on Terror is to cut the local police who would be the first to respond to a domestic incident, just as they did on September 11. Bush's commitment to security is cutting police, he shows his patriotism by shortchanging veterans, he fights terror abroad by sending our troops to defeat one of Al Qaida's enemies, Saddam Hussein, thereby opening the borders of Iraq to terrorism. George W. Bush, the conservative, is spending us into the poorhouse, and most of the money he is spending is going into the corporate coffers of his defense industry buddies so they can fight a war we didn't need and can't afford, without UN support. Look, I'm not saying there aren't benefits to Dubya's Iraq Adventures, but they aren't worth the costs. George W. Bush is fiscally incompetent. You'd think with all the money he's burning, he'd at least have a little bit more earmarked towards keeping our streets safe. Aren't conservatives big believers in Law and Order?

It's a shame that most Republicans haven't seen through the cloud of false patriotism surrounding this guy. They deserve a better candidate this November, but no one in the GOP has the courage to contest Bush. Well, here's hoping Dubya alienates enough voters from his own party to lose the election.


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