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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Save Money, Save the Air

Yahoo! News - Study Finds Net Gain From Pollution Rules: "The value of reductions in hospitalization and emergency room visits, premature deaths and lost workdays resulting from improved air quality were estimated between $120 billion and $193 billion from October 1992 to September 2002.
By comparison, industry, states and municipalities spent an estimated $23 billion to $26 billion to retrofit plants and facilities and make other changes to comply with new clean-air standards, which are designed to sharply reduce sulfur dioxide, fine-particle emissions and other health-threatening pollutants."

I'd like to personally thank the Office of Management and Budget, a White House group, for not being intimidated into fudging their data for the administration, the way our intelligence agencies did for the Iraq war, or the way the Environmental Protection Agency (more like Environmental Destruction Agency) did by understating the health risks of breathing the post-9/11 air in Lower Manhattan. I have been saying this for years. I will be bearing the overwhelming costs of environmental cleanup when I am 40 or 50. And if you think the costs are high now, the costs we will we bear in the future to clean up the damage we are doing today will be utterly staggering. Clean air and water aren't just hippie ideals; they are vital to our daily health and our ability to work and raise children. They are vital to the economy.

Kyoto now! It's high time our congress ratified the Kyoto Accords, a global warming treaty President Clinton signed but congress bailed on, thus embarassing the United States once again before the world community. And if they won't, make sure to vote in someone who will.


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